Aymar ICE 2016
Castell De Pujades
Region: Penedès

Tasting Notes

Aymar ICE is classified as ‘Extra Dry’ but has a wonderful fruit-forward entry reminiscent of gold delicious apple, honeysuckle and crushed white flowers. A creamy, mouth-filling mousse and zesty spritz of acidity lead to a crisp, baking spice accented finish. Enjoy on the rocks with a twist of citrus for a delicious aperitif.

Parellada is the most delicate of the traditional white varieties of the Penedès. It produces white wines which are aromatic and dry, with a moderate alcohol content and a delicate, fruity acidity. Macabeo is found mainly in the Central Penedès and is the grape which contributes a fruity aroma and lively acidity to these blends. Xare-lo, the 3rd traditional variety of the region, can produce great white wines (oaked or unoaked) either alone, or blended. Fruity dry whites made from Xarel·lo are considered the most typical of the Penedès.

Located southwest of the Spanish city of Barcelona, the Penedès wine appellation straddles two coastal provinces, Barcelona in the north and Tarragona further south. The Penedès vineyards are divided into three sub-regions, related to topography: low (maritime), central and high. The region stretches westward and inland from the Mediterranean Sea over undulations and hills known as the Catalan coastal depression, the coastal range and the pre-coastal mountains where vines thrive at up to 2,600 feet (800 meters) elevation. Mediterranean winters are generally mild, while summers are hot with average temperatures hovering in the 30°C range. The clay, sand and limestone soils below the grapes are generally dry and friable, conducive to letting vines penetrate deeply.

Located in the upper Penedès, in a privileged plane between the Mediterranean Sea and the pre-coastal mountain range, specifically in Costers del Montmell. At an altitude of 300 masl, the vineyards receive the influence of both sun and sea—ideal for viticulture.

Organically-grown grapes are hand-harvested when phenolically ripe enough, but before alcohol starts to spike. The base wine then undergoes secondary fermentation in bottle, in the Traditional Method, for 24 months. After dégorgement, a liqueur de dosage is added, that has been lightly flavoured with herbs, similar to Vermut.

Wine Type: Sparkling

Variety: Macabeu, Parellada, Xarel-lo, Vermut

Classification: DO

Orientation: N/A

Appellation: Alto Penedès

Gradient: 300 masl

Soil: Clay, sand, limestone

Farming Practices: Certified Organic. Manual harvesting.

Residual Sugar: 3 g/l

Alcohol: 11.5

Malolactic: Yes

Botte Size: 750 ml

Acidity: 5.4 g/l

Other Practices: Sustainable, Certified Organic