Classic Frankovka 2016
Region: Slavonija

Tasting Notes

A fresh and bright red reminiscent of quality New World Gamay. Light in body with a soft, round palate and forward berry fruit. Widely appealing.

Frankovka (Blaufrankisch) wines are intensely coloured, medium-bodied reds with brooding, black fruit flavors and a hint of peppery spice. In the vineyard, Frankovka buds early, ripens late and delivers generous yields. It needs a warm environment to fully mature, which explains its place in wine regions close to the heat of the Pannonian Plain in Central Europe. Thought to have originated in Austria and brought to the Slavonia region at the end of the 18th century, Frankovka became domesticated on Slavonian hills where it found its new home.

Feričanci municipality is located in the western part of Osijek- Baranja county. The Mur river marks the northern edge of the region until it flows into the Drava, the longest of the Danube’s tributaries.

Feravino owns 160 hectares of vines in three locations: Feričanci (3 km away from the cellar); Zoljan (12 km away from the cellar); and Ceremošnjak (24 km away from the cellar). All locations are located on the slopes of Krndija and divided into small microlocations separated by woods and other natural barriers.

Vinified in temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks. Full malolactic fermentation follows in tank prior to a light fining and filtration.

Wine Type: Red

Variety: Frankovka (Blaufrankisch)

Classification: Kvalitetno Vino: Quality Wine

Orientation: N/A

Appellation: Feričanci

Gradient: N/A

Soil: Loess, clay and sand

Farming Practices: Conventional

Residual Sugar: N/A

Alcohol: 12

Malolactic: Yes

Botte Size: 750 ml

Acidity: N/A

Other Practices: Sustainable