Dika Frankovka 2019

Producer: Feravino
Region: Slavonija
Appellation: Feričanci
Country: Croatia
Classification: Kvalitetno Vino: Quality Wine
Wine Type: Red
Variety: Frankovka (Blaufrankisch)
Bottle Size: 750 ml
Alcohol: 13.5%
Soil: Loess, clay and sand
Farming Practices: Sustainable
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Cellar Profile

Feravino was established in the 1700s but these vineyards have been farmed since the 1300s, when the region was put to vine by the Cistercians and Templars. The current cellar was built in 1804 and refurbished in 1996. The vineyards now span 150 hectares, split evenly between white and red grapes with the majority trained via the double Guyot method. The vineyards are uniquely surrounded by forests, a significant moderator for the area’s hot, dry summers. The winery focuses on indigenous Frankovka (Blaufränkisch) and Graševina, varieties that express the winery’s terroir and make full, flavourful and balanced wines. The grapes are all hand-harvested and intervention throughout the winemaking process is kept to a minimum. These wines have modern richness coupled with Old World sensibilities and charm. Part of the larger Osijek-Baranja County, Feričanci is one of Croatia’s smallest wine growing regions. It has a rich agricultural history, with grape-growing having played a prominent role throughout the centuries. The region’s Continental climate and cool soils provide the framework for flavourful, food-friendly wines made for every occasion.


Feričanci municipality is located in the western part of Osijek-Baranja county. The Mur river marks the northern edge of the region until it flows into the Drava, the longest of the Danube’s tributaries. This part of the larger Slavonija appellation benefits from well drained, mineral-rich volcanic soils and a unique microclimate formed by the two rivers. Slavonija’s Continental climate verges on cool climate viticulture and is dominated largely by aromatic white grape plantings. However, elegant reds are showing stunning results. The hallmarks of wines from the region are minerality and acid balance.


Feravino currently owns 160 hectares of vines, in three locations: Feričanci (3 km away from the cellar-processing location); Zoljan (12 km away from the cellar-processing location); and Ceremošnjak (24 km away from the cellar processing plant). All locations are located on the slopes of Krndija and divided into small microlocations separated by woods and other natural barriers.


Frankovka (Blaufränkisch) wines are intensely colored, medium-bodied reds with brooding, black-fruit flavors and a hint of peppery spice. In the vineyard, Frankovka buds early, ripens late and delivers generous yields. It needs a warm environment to fully mature, which explains its place in wine regions close to the heat of the Pannonian Plain in Central Europe. Thought to have originated in Austria and brought to the Slavonia region at the end of the 18th century, Frankovka became domesticated on Slavonian hills where it found its new home.


Fully ripe grapes are hand-harvested from select parts of the Estate vineyards. After a short maceration, the fruit is gently pressed into temperature-controlled stainless steel for a long, cool fermentation. Care is taken to retain primary fruit. The wine sits on its lees for a brief period in tank before being bottled, where it receives another year of aging before release.

Tasting Notes 

Raspberry, cranberry, ripe strawberry and an herbal note dominate the nose. The palate is medium-bodied, with silky tannins and a crunchy acidity. Flavours of raspberry, red plum and pomegranate and a tertiary, earthy element. Chill this lightly and enjoy on its own, or serve with Cevapi, a garlic and paprika-laced Croatian Sausage.