Las Dosces Blanco 2019
Chozas Carrascal
Region: Utiel-Requena

Tasting Notes

Clear straw yellow with greenish tinges. The bouquet shows citrus, grapefruit, white flowers and tropical fruit, Following the nose, the palate is full-bodied, fresh, well structured and silky, with balanced acidity and a lasting, aromatic finish.

In the south of Spain, along the Mediterranean coast, Macabeo can be found in various areas, most notably Valencia, Yecla and Jumilla. There are few universal truths about how Macabeo tastes; the wines can be fresh, floral and aromatic when harvested sufficiently early and aged in stainless steel, but weighty, honeyed and nutty when aged in oak and harvested slightly later. Typically, they are characterized by acidity, freshness and subtle citrus and green apple aromas.

Chozas Carrascal is located in Valencia, in Spain’s Mediterranean east. A number of factors combine to create the special conditions at this estate. The property sits at 700m above sea level, approximately 40 miles (65 km) from the coast. Despite its proximity to the sea, the climate is decidedly continental, making for hot summers, cold winters and large diurnal temperature variations. The estate’s dry setting is somewhat offset by its limestone-rich soils, which importantly retain moisture. DO Utiel-Requena produces mostly red wines and nearly 95% of the vineyards are planted with red grape varieties.

Chozas Carrascal has been daring in its viticulture approach, planting its vines at a density of 1,335/acre (3,300/ha), far denser than any vineyards nearby. This forces vines to compete for water and nutrients and drives yields down. The vineyards grow on a slight slope. Sunlight, cool coastal breezes and loamy, chalky soil all contribute to the quality of the wines produced.

Manual harvesting followed by a 24 hour maceration, separation of flor then temperature controlled fermentation at 18°C.

Wine Type: White

Variety: 80% Macabeu, 20% Sauvignon Blanc

Classification: DO

Orientation: South, South-East planted vines

Appellation: DO Utiel-Requena

Gradient: 750-840 masl

Soil: Limestone, loam, chalk

Farming Practices: Certified Organic, practicing Biodynamic/Natural processes

Residual Sugar: N/A

Alcohol: 12.5

Malolactic: N/A

Botte Size: 750 ml

Acidity: N/A

Other Practices: Sustainable, Certified Organic