Le Caprice De Clementine 2018

Producer: Les Valentines
Region: Côtes de Provence
Appellation: Côtes de Provence
Country: France
Classification: AOP
Wine Type: $27.35
Variety: 50% Grenache, 50% Cinsault
Bottle Size: Rosé
Soil: Schist
Farming Practices: “,Yes”
Awards: Les Valentines-Le Caprice De Clementine-2018.jpg
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Cellar Profile


Pale salmon with mauve hues. The nose displays notes of citrus and ripe berries. The palate flows through the aromatics with a rich and spicy mouthfeel balance by a saline minerality.


Direct pressure and controlled temperature during alcoholic fermentation in stainless steel tanks around 18°C. Filtration before bottling.


Côtes de Provence La Londe is located on the coast between Toulon and Saint-Tropez. The proximity of the nearby Mediterranean keeps the climate temperate all year round, with adequate rainfall levels during the growing season. There is a noticeable diurnal shift, allowing the grapes to cool in the evenings while the breezes off the sea slow ripening during the hottest part of the summer. The soils are metamorphic schist, similar to slate, with varying levels of sand, quartzite and sandstone. The wines of the area are frequently marked by minerality and salinity. Wine has been produced in Côtes de Provence for over 2600 years, making Provence the oldest wine producing region of France. Despite the large number of plantings of black grape varieties, rosé and white wines account for the majority of bottlings in the region.



Tasting Notes 

These grapes are sourced from vineyards around the Côtes de Provence La Londe region, which sit on a bed of schist overlain with quartzite and sand. These wines have noticeable minerality and primary fruit notes. These independent growers work their vineyards according to Chateau les Valentines’ rigorous specifications.