Pixie NV

Producer: Rosehall Run
Region: Ontario
Appellation: Ontario
Country: Canada
Classification: VQA Ontario
Wine Type: Sparkling
Variety: Vidal, Pinot Noir
Bottle Size: 355 ml
Alcohol: 11.7%
Residual Sugar: 29 g/L
Soil: Clay loam over limestone
Farming Practices: Sustainable
Awards: 90-Vic Harradine
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Cellar Profile

Dan Sullivan of Rosehall Run has succeeded at crafting elegant PEC wines for over 20 years, focusing on highlighting the specific terroir of the County and creating some of the best examples of cool-climate Pinot Noir and Chardonnay in the world. Dan received the “Best Red Wine in Ontario” medal at the 2020 Ontario Wine Awards for his signature JCR Pinot Noir 2018. Sitting on the “Hungry Point” isthmus, surrounded by Lake Ontario on 3 sides, the vines dig deeply into the rocky, calcareous limestone soil. The long sunny days and cool evenings of the region, along with the high acid levels and low pH of the estate soils, ensure Rosehall wines are never lacking in freshness and structure. It is this kind of nervy tension that allows for the production of sublime sparkling wines, both traditional method as well as tank-fermented sparklers, including the exceedingly popular “Pixie” brand. The key to Rosehall’s success is its attention to detail in the vineyard. Sullivan believes that he simply bottles what the vineyard gives him. Yields are infinitesimally small compared to other wine regions, made smaller still by careful selection. Grapes are harvested at full phenolic ripeness, made difficult by the sometimes slow ripening and by the inherent climactic dangers of long hang times.


Nestled on a peninsula on the north shore of Lake Ontario, a short drive from Kingston, the PEC wine region sits on a bed of porous limestone. This is crucial for creating the mineral, brightly acidic wines the region is known for. The vineyards benefit from breezes off of Lake Ontario, keeping the temperature down on hot summer days and cool at night. “The County” was first settled in the late 18th Century and, after years of farmland agriculture, began growing grapes in earnest by the early 2000s. Twenty Mile Bench is a sub-appellation of the larger Niagara Peninsula region, located near the town of Vineland. Limestone and sandy soils, warm summer days and cool evenings and stiff breezes coming off Lake Ontario ensure acid structure is retained, even in warmer vintages. This is cool-climate viticulture, with wonderful versions of Riesling, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Franc and Chardonnay garnering international acclaim.


Fruit comes from a blend of Rosehall Run’s Prince Edward County vineyards, as well as top producers from the Niagara Bench.


Vidal is a hybrid grape variety developed in the 1930s. It was brought to Canada in the late 1940s and is used primarily to make icewine, as well as white wines and some wonderful sparkling pinks. Known for its floral and fruity aromas and bright acidity, wines made from this grape are typically ready to be enjoyed right away.


Charmat Method: The wine is put into a stainless steel pressure tank to undergo secondary fermentation before being bottled. Fermenting the wine together in one batch ensures that each bottle is exactly the same.

Tasting Notes 

A frothy blend of Vidal with a touch of Pinot Noir contributing flavour and a distinctive bright salmon colour. Pixie is barely off-dry, with peach, apricot and tangerine flavours and lively refreshing acidity throughout the palate.