Riesling Trocken 2018
Weingut Wechsler
Region: Rheinhessen

90-John Szabo
Tasting Notes

As is the case with all good Riesling, this is wonderfully aromatic with notes of pink grapefruit and ripe peach alongside intriguing salty, yeasty minerality. The palate is loaded with well-integrated acidity and adds juicy apricot and Gala apple character.

One of the wine world’s great white grapes, Riesling is best grown in cooler climates where it thrives from a long, slow growing season that develops its intense aromatics and renowned acidity. It is home in Germany but is also grown successfully throughout the wine world, notably in the Alsace region of France, cooler areas in Australia and South Africa and, of course, here in Ontario. Styles vary according to site and producer, from sweet and fruity to bone-dry and austere and everything in between.

Germany’s largest wine region, Rheinhessen was historically known for mainly producing large amounts of bulk wine destined for the export market. That began to change gradually beginning in the 1980s, when growers began to focus on lower yields, drier styles and overall higher quality wines. Today, the region is home to the majority of Germany’s organic/biodynamic viticulture, with a great number of young and energetic producers eschewing the past and leading the future. Unlike other German wine regions, there are significant plantings of many grapes, though Riesling plays a role here as well, to be sure. You will find plenty of Muller-Thurgau, Dornfelder, Silvaner and Pinots Gris, Noir and Blanc throughout. The climate is relatively mild, protected by countless hills and forests and moderated on the east and west border by the Nahe and Rhine rivers, respectively. Soil types vary, though the majority are a mix of loess and loam with limestone deposits mixed with gravel.

Sourced mainly from single vineyards in Westhofen (Benn and Kirchspiel), where grapevines thrive in clayey marl soils and limestone deposits. There are layers of limestone meandering through the substrate, channeling water and ensuring the plants have enough to drink even in the hottest parts of summer. The smallest vineyard in Westhofen, Benn is a monopole that has been in the Wechsler family for generations. These limestone rich soils are planted with 50-year old vines. Kirschspiel, a Grand Cru vineyard, is southern facing with a steep 30° gradient.

Fermented in stainless steel.

Wine Type: White

Variety: Riesling

Classification: QmP

Orientation: South, Southeast

Appellation: n/a

Gradient: 30°

Soil: Loess-clay, limstone-marl

Farming Practices: n/a

Vinification: Stainless steel

Residual Sugar: 5 g/l

Alcohol: 12

Malolactic: No

Botte Size: 750 ml

Acidity: 8.0 g/l

Other Practices: Natural, Certified Organic