Volere Volare 2021

Producer: Pietraventosa
Region: Puglia
Appellation: Gioia del Colle
Country: Italy
Classification: IGT
Wine Type: Red
Variety: Primitivo
Bottle Size: 750 ml
Alcohol: 14%
Residual Sugar: 1.8 g/L
Soil: Limestone rock rich in iron minerals and carbonate
Farming Practices: Organic and sustainable
Awards: 92-Michael Godel; 91-Wine Align
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Cellar Profile

Agricole Pietraventosa is located at 380 metres above sea level on the cooler, fractured limestone knoll of Gioia del Colle, in central Puglia. It was founded in the early 2000s by Marianna Annio and her husband, Raffaele, who are passionate about showcasing the beauty and uniqueness of wines from their part of the world. They began with a little less than 5 ha of vineyard, including a small established plot of 50-year-old vines, planted mainly to Primitivo. In 2019 they planted an additional 2 ha of Primitivo, Minutolo and Malvasia Blanca.


The Gioia del Colle wine region is a large area south of Bari, partially covering what might be called the ankle of Italy’s heel. Close to the Adriatic Sea and the Gulf of Taranto, the climate here is hot and dry with temperatures regularly exceeding 40°C. Gioia del Colle DOC is considered to be the home of the Primitivo grape. Plantings are generally done on hillsides, where canopy can be used to protect the grapes from the midday sun and drainage is superior than the flatter valley floor vineyards. The wines produced are typically high in tannins and high in alcohol, with a bold, fruity taste.


Located west of Gioia del Colle, the largest vineyard of the estate lies on the ridge of two geologic zones typical of the Murgia plateau: Calvinite of Gravina and limestone of Altamura, rich in fossils with a red soil top layer. The rocky surface provides a thermal shade to the sun’s rays, avoiding overheating of the roots. Hostile substrate limits the productivity and vigor of the plants and results in greater fruit concentration. Limited yields, targeted pruning, thinning of green bunches and careful harvest selection.


Made 100% from Primitivo Gioia del Colle. Primitivo is a dark-skinned grape known for producing inky, tannic wines. Although there have been contentious and long-running debates about the variety’s geographical origins, there is little question that Primitivo’s modern-day home is in southern Italy, particularly Puglia. DNA research carried out by Carole Meredith of the University of California at Davis from the early 1990s to 2002 (known as the Zinquest) confirmed that Zinfandel is identical to Italian Primitivo.


The 2021 summer was arid and dry, resulting in above-average yields and grapes with a high concentration of sugars. Hand-picked, organically-grown fruit was fermented at a controlled temperature for 8-12 days. Maceration on the skins for 2-3 days before a soft pressing. The wine was then aged for twelve months in steel, followed by twelve months in barrel.

Tasting Notes 

A delightful expression of Primitivo. Deliciously plush and well-balanced. Aromas of chili pepper, rosemary and sage flowers blend with blood orange and soft tobacco notes. Fresh acidity and fine tannins make this a great accompaniment to pizza or gutsy pasta dishes. Serve slightly chilled.