Xarel-lo 2017
Castell De Pujades
Region: Penedès

Tasting Notes

Intense tropical aromatics of pineapple and guava with some floral elements. The palate has replays of those tropical fruits, but surprising elegance; it is much drier and crisper than the nose would suggest.

Xarel-lo is a light-skinned grape from Catalonia, in northeastern Spain, and is one of the region’s most widely planted varieties. Xarel-lo is valued by winemakers for the acid structure it brings to wines and stands out as one of Spain’s finest white-wine varieties. It has thick skins, is high in polyphenols and its juice offers an excellent balance of sugars and acids. The variety buds and ripens neither early nor late in the season, and produces berries of average size. It is not particularly fussy about soil composition, and can tolerate a wide range of climatic conditions.

Located southwest of the Spanish city of Barcelona, the Penedès wine appellation straddles two coastal provinces, Barcelona in the north and Tarragona further south. The Penedès vineyards are divided into three sub-regions, related to topography: low (maritime), central and high. The region stretches westward and inland from the Mediterranean Sea over undulations and hills known as the Catalan coastal depression, the coastal range and the pre-coastal mountains where vines thrive at up to 2,600 feet (800 meters) elevation. Mediterranean winters are generally mild, while summers are hot with average temperatures hovering in the 30°C range. The clay, sand and limestone soils below the grapes are generally dry and friable, conducive to letting vines penetrate deeply.

Organically farmed, calcareous stone. These high altitude vineyards sit in some of the finest terroir of all Penedès. The Xarel-lo occupies prime sandy areas within the property.

Harvested late in the season, when the grapes have achieved full phenolic ripeness. There is a temperature controlled fermentation using native yeasts, in stainless steel to retain freshness. Lees contact and some mid-term bottle aging flesh out the wine.

Wine Type: White

Variety: Xarel-lo

Classification: DO

Orientation: n/a

Appellation: Alto Penedès

Gradient: n/a

Soil: Clay, Sand, Limestone

Farming Practices: Organic farming

Vinification: n/a

Residual Sugar: n/a

Alcohol: 12%

Malolactic: n/a

Botte Size: 750 ml

Acidity: n/a

Other Practices: Sustainable, Certified Organic