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Allow us to be your guide on a journey of discovery into the incredible diversity the world of wine has to offer.  From the mountains of the Middle East to the volcanic shores of Sicily and the less well known vineyards of the UK – learn about regions and grape varieties you’ve never even heard of! Explore with us our portfolio of hand-crafted wines – made by passionate producers from around the world – that exemplify the fullest expression of a region’s terroir and style. Discover #uncorkedpotential

Our Approach


Founded in 2018, Buyers+Cellars one of Ontario’s fastest- growing boutique wine companies. Our business is wine – curation, sales, tasting and education. Our team has deep industry connections and know-how, resulting from over a century of combined wine industry and hospitality experience. Our elegant, sophisticated event space in Ottawa is dedicated to wine tasting and education.

Featured Bottle: Les Crêtes La Sabla


At Buyers + Cellars, we believe in equality of opportunity.

That is why we are a proud Silver Level Supporter of the Drinkclusion Scholarship Program again this year. Funds donated to this important initiative, from generous Drinks Ontario members, will go toward beverage alcohol training & education for BIPOC & other under-represented persons in Ontario.

Drinkclusion was formed by Drinks Ontario in 2020, with support from Vinequity, to focus on increasing equality, diversity and inclusion in the beverage alcohol industry in Ontario. We recognize that a diversity of voices brings strength to our industry through new and different perspectives, experiences and knowledge.

A note from the founder


In the 30+ years that I have spent in bars and restaurants, 20 as a sommelier, I have always been drawn to wines that speak to the best expression of a region, the “terroir” (though I find the term frequently overused), as well as wines that offer true expressions of the fruit.

I am an “acid freak” and look for the balancing freshness of acidity  as well as wines that are food-worthy, as they show their best when properly paired with a meal. For these reasons, our portfolio gravitates towards wineries that offer the right balance of freshness, age-worthiness and fruit character.

– Rob Nellis

REcent blog posts

Redefining Czechian Wine

DID YOU KNOW?  Czechia is a classic European wine region, actively engaged in some form of winemaking for over two millennia, with codified wine laws in existence for 700 years?  Unfortunately, four decades of Soviet rule were devastating to the industry. During this time, grapes were grown for quantity and

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Elgin Valley, South Africa

From a wine production standpoint, South Africa is an incredibly interesting, varied and undervalued country.  Historically, the vast majority of its output was ordinary, inexpensive table wines destined for discount retail outlets around the world.  And while that category of South African wine still exists, the country’s reputation is now

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Alpine Wines

Few regions in the world evoke emotions in people like the Alps do. Images of snow-peaked mountains, lush valleys and meadows of wildflowers dance in our heads. We know the Alps were crossed by Hannibal on his way to pillage Rome and by Napoleon in his attack on Austria. And

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