2020 Vina La Rosa La Capitana Single Vineyard Carmenere

Carménère’s origins are the flat, Atlantic vineyards that surround the Gironde Estuary, better known as Bordeaux’s Medoc region.  It was there, in the early 18th Century, that the grape established itself as one of the finest in all of France and, therefore, in the world.  The infamous phylloxera louse that laid waste to vineyards across […]

To de-stem or not de-stem? That is the question…

Prior to World War 2, almost all wine was made using whole-bunch, or whole-cluster, fermentation which (as the name suggests!) involves adding intact bunches or clusters of grapes to the fermenter. Shortly thereafter, commercial de-stemmers became widely available and winemaking methods throughout the world changed markedly forever.  Or did they… At harvest time, whole grape […]