To de-stem or not de-stem? That is the question…

Prior to World War 2, almost all wine was made using whole-bunch, or whole-cluster, fermentation which (as the name suggests!) involves adding intact bunches or clusters of grapes to the fermenter. Shortly thereafter, commercial de-stemmers became widely available and winemaking methods throughout the world changed markedly forever.  Or did they… At harvest time, whole grape […]

Drinking Inside the Box (or can or pouch or…)

As the realities of climate change emerged, ‘sustainability’ became a ubiquitous term in nearly every industry.  While sustainability may be viewed by some as a more marketable buzzword than eco-responsibility, a great number of producers are committed to reducing wine’s impact on our environment. As a result, alternative wine packaging has become a focus and […]

Holiday Hosting

’Tis The Season, as they say.  And for us, The Season includes hosting festive gatherings with family, friends and great wine.  Cool weather, hearty fare and a celebratory mood provide the backdrop for a myriad of opportunities to pop corks and fill glasses.  Whether you’re hosting a casual holiday drop-in, a traditional sit down meal […]