Our business is wine

Our team has deep industry connections and know-how resulting from over 70 years of wine industry and hospitality experience. We offer adventures in wine, exposing Ontario consumers to autochthonous / indigenous varietals they are not familiar with, as well as regions they may not be aware produce wine, or have never had access to – emerging markets as well as forgotten classic appellations looking to burst back onto the scene.

Our Philosophy

Although there are many large wineries producing outstanding wines, it is the small, family-owned farms or cooperatives that speak to our client base.



Affordable Luxury

Affordable luxury

Our luxury speaks to our style and service, not our price points. Our customers are adventurous and open to new experiences. They are tolerant tasters who know we are going to challenge their preconceptions. We are a luxury brand but ensure there is a wine for every budget.

tasting room

Our elegant, sophisticated event space in Ottawa, opening spring 2020, will be dedicated to wine tasting and education.

Our cellar

In the 30+ years that I have spent in bars and restaurants, 20 as a sommelier, I have always been drawn to wines that speak to the best expression of a region, the “terroir” (though I find the term frequently overused), as well as wines that offer true expressions of the fruit. 

I am an “acid freak” and look for the balancing freshness of acidity  as well as wines that are food-worthy, as they show their best when properly paired with a meal. For these reasons, our portfolio gravitates towards wineries that offer the right balance of freshness, age-worthiness and fruit character.

- ROb Nellis, Founder

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