Domaine Jean-Baptiste Duperray

Founded in 1840, this tiny estate is located in the commune of Saint Julien, just outside the Beaujolais Cru of Fleurie. Jean-Baptiste, now in his late 20s, took over the property from his father in 2014. As is the case with many young French vignerons, he chooses to farm his 40 hectares of vineyards in the most sustainable way possible: no herbicides or pesticides are used; there is natural grass cover between vine rows; and pruning and harvesting is done by hand. Located near the Sâone River, the vineyards have plenty of alluvial deposits, comprised mostly of sand, silt and clay. Grapes are fermented via wild yeasts and no sulpher is used during the winemaking process. His wines are fresh, energetic and full of French charm.

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