Tenuta Olim Bauda

Driving east from Turin in north western Italy, the land gradually transitions to a series of gently rolling hills before levelling out to the flatlands of the Po River. Along the way, you’ll pass an extensive and bucolic array of vineyards, forests, rice fields, castles and Roman churches. Here, within the larger wine region of Piemonte, you will find the historic and highly-regarded district of Monferrato, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and home to 11 DOCs and 7 DOCGs. While not widely known by name, Monferrato and its 100 small villages produce some of Italy’s most familiar and sought-after wines including bold Barbera and fun, lightly sparkling Moscato d’Asti.

Tenuta Olim Bauda—owned and operated by the three Bertolino siblings, Diana, Dino and Gianni—comprises 33 hectares of vineyards throughout the 5 villages of Nizza Monferrato, Castelnuovo, Calcea, Fontanile and Isola d’Astigiano. Quality-obsessed winemaker, Dino, firmly believes that great wine is grown in the vineyard, and the winemaker’s role is to steward the process as simply and minimally as possible. Oak is used judiciously, allowing the terroir and fruit character to be showcased above all else. Olim Bauda’s wines offer an interesting juxtaposition: at once powerful, intense and full with elegance, refinement and balance. They are age-worthy, food-friendly and absolutely delicious.

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