This tiny region in Catalonia has a long and storied wine history, dating to the 12th century when the Carthusian monks established its worth. However, it remained a rather unknown treasure outside of Spain until the region rocketed onto the international wine scene in the 1990s. Priorat’s propensity to make intense, full and flavourful reds coincided nicely with the world’s wine tastes at that time. But the region offers much more than weight and fruit. It is blessed with an abundance of very old Garnacha and Carignan vines planted in unique, very poor slate soil known as Llicorella. These soils give Priorat its trademark minerality and freshness not often found in wines with such power and concentration. It is also the only region in Spain aside from Rioja to enjoy Denominacion de Origin Calificada status, the country’s top regional designation.

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