barnard griffin

Columbia Valley, Washington

Rob Griffin has been making wine in the Columbia Valley for 4 decades. He is one of the pioneers of the region, consulting with many of its top wineries. He grew up in Napa Valley and cut his teeth in the industry there at the age of 17 before attending the University of California, Davis for their world famous wine program. In 1983, Rob and his wife, Deborah Barnard, started making wine and in 1996 they opened their own winery in Richland. They source grapes from throughout the Valley. Rob’s experience in site selection allows him to select the perfect grapes to express his house style. There is always a balance to his wines. The use of oak is deftly handled and while the wines are rich, there is always complexity.

Sauvignon blanc


Washington has much more sun and heat during the day than the Loire Valley, but the temperatures plummet at night, so the wines can retain freshness. Tropical notes like pineapple and mango mix with lemon-lime and white grapefruit. A touch of typistic grassiness and minerality on the finish and vibrant acidity throughout. Thirst quenching and refreshing.