Casa de Cello

Vinho Verde and Dao, Portugal


A 4th generation wine growing family, producing wines in the Vinho Verde region as well as Dao, Casa de Cello decided in 1996 to create fine, internationally styled wines with age-worthiness and complexity in Vinho Verde instead of the lightly carbonated, fruity wines the region is famous for. Joao Pedro Araujo brought in legendary Anselmo Mendes, long regarded as the top winemaker in the region to help craft what is now known as the top producer of the Entre-Duoro/Minho appelation. Stunning wines of distinctive character from indigineous varietals. Wines that mix the typistic vibrancy and freshness of Vinho Verde with layers of elegant complexity. Extremely small productions, as all wines come from their sustainably farmed ineyards and every facet of the process, right down to hand labeling takes place on-site at the Quinta.