Goriska, Slovenia


Erzetic is a small, family-owned winery in Slovenia. They source from the 2 finest regions of the country, Brda and Visnjevik. Steeply terraced, sustainable, and utilizing biodynamic techniques, their wines are are all hand harvested and small batch. Their vineyard in Brda sits at the highest elevation of any in the region. This is the ancestral home of Ribolla Giallia, known locally as “Rebula”. They are also have small parcels of the almost extinct autocthonous varietal Ribolla Nera, sometimes referred to as “Pokalca”. They invested in some clay amphorae which they have buried in the cellar of their new winery in order to release a line of traditional “Amfora” wines. Situated over the hill from Friuli, Italy, their wines have all the freshness and brightness of Northern Italy, but possess their own distinctive Slovenian style.