Trentino, Italy

For over 40 years, the family-owned winery has farmed the majestic slopes of the Brenta Dolomite Mountains, next to historic Lake Garda and at the foot of Castel Madruzzo. Growing on steeply-terraced slopes that require Herculean efforts and hand harvesting, these wines are singular in style and a totally different experience from other Northern Italian regions. Some of these vineyards rise as high as 3500ft above sea level. Pravis has plantings of the autocthonous Nosiola, existing only in a few small parcels in this region and nowhere else in the world. There are an array of other aromatic whites, such as Kerner, Muller-Thurgau and Gewurztrmainer. The reds are exposed to intense daytime sunlight, as the Dolomites form a natural cloud barrier, with temperatures dropping dramatically in the evening. These diurnal shifts allow full phenolic ripening of the grapes, but retain acidity and freshness. 



The juice spends 6 hours on the skins to extract the maximum amount of phenolics, giving the wine a rich golden colour with flecks of bright pink. Typical lychee, cinnamon and clove notes are here, but there are notes of crushed rose petals, ripe peach and an unexpected level of minerality.