Redefining Czechian Wine

DID YOU KNOW?  Czechia is a classic European wine region, actively engaged in some form of winemaking for over two millennia, with codified wine laws in existence for 700 years?  Unfortunately, four decades of Soviet rule were devastating to the industry. During this time, grapes were grown for quantity and large yields were more important […]

Elgin Valley, South Africa

From a wine production standpoint, South Africa is an incredibly interesting, varied and undervalued country.  Historically, the vast majority of its output was ordinary, inexpensive table wines destined for discount retail outlets around the world.  And while that category of South African wine still exists, the country’s reputation is now driven by quality-focused producers making […]

Alpine Wines

Few regions in the world evoke emotions in people like the Alps do. Images of snow-peaked mountains, lush valleys and meadows of wildflowers dance in our heads. We know the Alps were crossed by Hannibal on his way to pillage Rome and by Napoleon in his attack on Austria. And many of us grew up […]

Portuguese Wine – Yours To Discover

Despite a modest uptick in popularity recently, Portugal is a relatively undervalued and underappreciated category in the wine world. For those looking for interesting, expressive and distinct wines that punch well above their price point, Portugual is worth your attention! The county is in the throes of a vinous revolution, with a quality-focused generation of […]

Why the Middle East Matters

Why the Middle East Matters 10,000 BC marks the start of the Neolithic Revolution, when humans became less nomadic and first began to practice agriculture. By 8,000 BC, diets had shifted dramatically, small towns had become cities and great empires arose in North Africa, Asia and the Middle East. During this age of discovery, human […]

Spring Into Portuguese Whites

It is becoming increasingly difficult to find undervalued, interesting wine categories these days. Much of what was once obscure and undiscovered has become established and ubiquitous. But for those looking for interesting, expressive and distinct offerings that punch well above their price point, the diverse, wonderful world of Portuguese white wine is worth your attention. […]

Croatia – Get Ahead of the Trend

In 2019, over 20 million tourists visited Croatia to take in the country’s gorgeous natural scenery and rich culture. Had they taken a deeper look, those visitors would have also found a prolific wine tradition that dates back to ancient Rome, and one that, today, represents an undiscovered bounty of unique grapes and terroirs that […]

Roussillon – Carving Out An Identity

All too often, what first comes to mind when wine consumers hear the name Roussillon is Languedoc. Usually lumped together, the southern French regions are quite distinct, each with their own identity, culture and (most importantly here) wine history and style. In fact, Roussillon has much more in common with Spain’s Catalan region next door […]

Trentino-Alto Adige – Northern Heights

The northern Italian wine regions of Trentino and Alto Adige are often lumped together and discussed as one.  However, they are quite distinct and deserve to be considered in their own right.  Let’s first explore Italy’s most northerly wine region, Alto Adige, which is also known by its German name, Südtirol. This sparsely populated region […]

Aromatic August ft. Germany

Understanding German Wine One of the most misunderstood and maligned Old World wine regions is one of our favourites: Germany. German wines have long been considered cheap, sweet, unbalanced plonk by a large portion of North American wine consumers. This is a terribly unfair characterization, driven by the proliferation of poor quality, value offerings available […]