Thinking Inside the Box

Boxed wine you say?  Surely you’re not serious?!  But we are.  And so are many quality-focused, progressive wineries throughout the world.  Bag-in-Box (BiB as it’s known in the industry) has become a growing trend for a variety of reasons in today’s evolving and environmentally-conscious market. Bottles First, let’s look at the traditional wine format. Like […]


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Rosehall Run

A two hour drive from downtown Toronto, sitting on a peninsula on the North Shore of Lake Ontario, Prince Edward County (PEC) is home to more than 40 wineries crafting cool climate, nervy wines in one of Canada’s newest and most exciting wine regions. Granted VQA status in 2007, the County has attracted a multitude […]

Monferrato – Tenuta Olim Bauda

Historically, wine production in Monferrato was a critical segment of the area’s commerce but in the 1960s, farmers, including grape growers, fled the fields and flooded to cities to work in the growing number of manufacturing factories. The last couple of decades have seen the workers return, creating a nice combination of younger and older […]


Despite its relative obscurity throughout the wine world, Emilia-Romagna is Italy’s fourth largest wine-producing region, behind only Puglia, Sicily and Veneto. The region is best known as Italy’s gastronomic hub, where fertile land and a local appetite for hearty fare have created a foodie’s delight. It is also the country’s automotive centre, where names like […]

Dr. Konstantin Frank

  By Rob Nellis The world has long recognized the quality of Californian wines, with Washington and Oregon also garnering international acclaim, but the wine regions of New York have remained relatively unknown outside the Eastern United States. Producing the 3rd largest volume of grapes in the country (behind California and Washington), the State lays […]